Monday, September 26, 2011

$100 burger

"A $100 burger" - years back when I was learning to fly in the USA we used this expression to describe a fun flight just to go somewhere and have lunch on an airport looking at your plane parked just in front of the restaurant. Gas was cheaper and so were the hourly rates back then but the $100 burger will remain a $100 burger for good even if it's not always a burger.
Sunday morning welcomed us with picture blue skies, beautiful sun and light easterly winds. Just another day in paradise perfect to explore a new place. Kingston - a council owned and operated airfield, 112 miles west of Horsham and just a walk away from the Southern Ocean beaches. Also known for the giant Lobster sculpture in front of the Big Lobster restaurant.
Wind was favoring the shorter grass runway and a nice fellow pilot informed us on the radio that was the one to use. We touched down and just couldn't believe the grass condition - perfectly flat golf course surface describes it best I think.

impression in the lens

all red and white in Kingston

Dodaj napis

People used to wonder when I told them that I've never tried the traditional fish & chips before. At the same time they all agreed that you have to try it in a right place. What can be better than a restaurant just steps away from the ocean?

The Big Lobster

big indeed

The place is not a very fancy one but filled up with tourists attracted by the lobster. I'm not a fried food fan but have to admit that fish & chips were really tasty there. We finished up with a nice coffee and walked back to the airfield. The walk was not a bad idea considering how many calories we just consumed.

almost there

"all remaining passengers booked to Horsham via Robe are requested to proceed to the gate immediately"

We had a chat with nice and friendly local pilots and boarded for the flight back to Horsham. The plan was to fly a detour down the coastline via Robe back home.

over deep water ;-)

extremely serious first officer

endless beach

The water is perfectly blue and the sand white. When days get warmer and water heats up a bit we might fly in there for the whole weekend to enjoy few beach days.
We landed back in Horsham shortly past beer o'clock and Ziggy just couldn't stop talking about the hard and important job he's done flying the plane there and back, navigating etc. "Marta just did the take-offs and landings but I flew most of the time" ;-) Well done Zig.

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