Monday, October 3, 2011

being followed

Why is flying so much fun that you keep on finding reasons just to go to places? We'll be flying a state competition in Ararat in December and decided to fly in there on Sunday to check out the field and talk to locals.

"OK guys, form a line. There is plenty of fuel for each one of you!"

the old ones will be served first

We flew over Stawell airfield which has 2 long paved runways. The second one was built just for the flying doctor to be able to fly in any wind conditions. It looks like doctors are really important in this country ;-)


Airport Offices

There were some serious activities going on in Ararat.

Puchacz is being used for training all over the world

Std. Libelle

With all the high-tech equipment now associated with aviation one can still find some nostalgia:

"radio check!"

The world is very small and you always catch up with people you know here and there. Gary figured it's gonna be easier to cover his old comp # with a piece of sticky tape than to remove it permanently from his car.


Gary, jump in, towplane is here!

On the way to Ararat we experienced that weird feeling that somebody was following us. Sure enough we spotted two registered stalkers from Horsham:

HFC in Ararat ("bellies in" version)

stalker's plane overtaking

There is an endless competition going on. Phil has a smaller propeller but can go faster and he just couldn't stop showing that off flying around us in circles. Ziggy, who was flying with him, admitted after we landed that they were running on yellow RPM all the time while we were only showing 2400. It's not always about the speed Phil ;-)

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