Monday, November 14, 2011

Come & Try Sunday in the Club

Sunday was the Come & Try day in the club. We advertised the event and made it into newspapers again:

Weather was great all previous week and had, of course, to start playing tricks on Sunday. We managed only one glider and one powered flight in the morning and had to run for shelter. Whole day was basically about dodging showers and gusty turning winds.

Many flights had to be cancelled and moved for a later date. It was all very annoying but there is nothing you can do about weather.

explaining the instruments to Dominic

we gotta be quick - next shower approaching

barbecue lunch in the hangar waiting for rain to quit

anyone fancy a sausage?

We practiced moving everything in and out of the hangar many times.

everything out ready for one more shot

Considering the really nasty weather we didn't do to bad and it looks like we'll have few new members joining the club and starting training.
And Ziggy finally managed to make everything in the glider working and up to date.
very proud Beast

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