Friday, June 28, 2013

getting ready

As already mentioned we have safely made it to Issoudun. Ziggy is a new self announced ASG-29E dealer and promised Uli to sell at least 10 gliders every day. He already started on the way down here and managed to sell 10 to Taiwan. To be honest we're not 100% sure the customers are from Taiwan - the language barrier was just to heavy. We assume they are from Taiwan. One way or the other the glider was a sensation of a French highway rest area.

We are appropriately stocked up for he competition. The glider trailer wasn't enough this time and we had to organize alternative transport for our beverages:

The day after we arrived we only managed to rig the glider, set all the instruments and just stare at the beauty. The LX9000 is an amazing thing. It's so intuitive that you don't even need a manual to be able to use  it for the first time.

We also learned that French wine is pretty good indeed:

Ziggy in his new work uniform

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