Wednesday, July 10, 2013

day 7

It started out nicely and then got tricky. There were severe thunderstorms to the south. They looked spectacular from the distance but managed to influence conditions in the task area. We had to fly a big detour to follow the bits of clouds. It was working and we never got too low but were pretty slow. We went fairly deep into the first area and then just basically touched the remaining two. It was not a pleasure to fly in yesterdays conditions but it was, as always, huge pleasure to fly XM. She's just gorgeous.

Yesterday's results:



I noticed that I'm flying evenly every day. I have no problems completing tasks and have reasonable speeds. There is just a touch missing somewhere to make it all faster. It doesn't need much - just few km/h every day. I'm very comfortable with the glider. The way she flies is just amazing and I'm sitting very comfortably. There is no muscle power required for steering (so different from all Polish build gliders) so I'm not suffering any muscle pain at all. In fact, I'm physically not really tired even after a long flight. This is just great. I think the only bit remaining is to figure out how to gain these additional few km/h. It will come with experience though.

Last night was the famous Baba Yaga Party. Witches were good but we were missing some music there to make them dance like they usually do. It was also the very first Baba Yaga for our World Championships newcomers Agata and Judyta. They underwent the whole introduction procedure. They were very sceptic to start with but few beers and punch did the job. They participated and seemed to enjoy it.


Kerry's first one

with our mentor

Agata's first

Judyta's first

Czech team captain Petr will be participating in the next Women's Worlds


Today will be a very challenging day. There will be thunderstorm activity here and very strong winds aloft. We're hoping for AAT tasks to give us a chance. It will be another tricky day which might turn out to be the most challenging one. We all know that  it's also a matter of luck on a day like today. There might be people achieving humongous average speeds - when they happen to hit the right phase of building up thunderstorm. There will also be outlandings if you miss the right phase. 30 minutes to the briefing and we'll know it all.

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