Sunday, August 4, 2013

Berlin - one night only

There are few places in Berlin we visit every time we go there. It wasn't any different this time but we stayed the night in Kempinski Adlon Hotel. Man, was that fancy ... Funny enough there was some celebrity staying in the Hotel and the entrance was full of people and cameras. Obviously they were waiting for someone. Ziggy thought it was him and turned around before entering through the door giving the crowd his gorgeous smile and a hand wave. I'm afraid it wasn't you they were waiting for, Zig.

It was the first hotel we stayed in that had an iPad for your use in the room! I thought that was pretty impressive and had to take a photo:

The hotel sits right next to the Brandenburger Gate and all towels in the room remind you of that fact:

We did some more serious shopping, went our for our favorite German dinner (Kassler mit Sauerkraut) and a few decent sized beers and departed next day towards Frankfurt, then Dubai and Melbourne. We had a great time in Berlin and we surely will come back soon.

Ziggy was practicing really hard for this shot

sad history

good bye Berlin!

we're on a plane - we can't complain

there is Cu's in Europe - good German Cu's!

We are back home now and it took us way over a week to get over all the struggles of jet-lag (it's really bad this way around). But now we're both back at work and back into the rhythm. It's still cold but we're slowly heading towards summer time and gliding in Australia (under Cu's with high cloud bases!). XM had to stay in Germany for the time being but Uli will take good care of her and I will again have the privilege of flying Graham's ASG 29E TF in the Australian nationals. In return, he will be the third person to enjoy XM.
Anyway, next weekend we're heading to Bacchus Marsh to give a talk about flying in France and the weekend after we'll be in Melbourne. Life is back to normal now.

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