Monday, November 25, 2013

Orange Week day 3

Another blue day but at least the temperature is going up and we hit 30 degC today. This will give the boys higher climbs. Winds have dropped off so that thermals should be more organised and smooth.
Ziggy is flying today and they have a 3 hours AAT with a minimum distance of about 240 km and max 450 km.

beautiful Galahs

follow the leader

getting ready

It's hard to describe how much fun we're having here. Evenings are the best because everybody stays here, Jean is serving magnificent meals and there is some pretty good red wine available from the bar. All a pilot needs. If you add up Hayden's flying stories on top of it all you will have a perfect flying week.

Japanese pilots keep their gliders here and come for only 2-3 weeks each year

THE TUG - tows like a winch - today's record 1 min and 50 seconds up to 2000 ft

it's not all totally dry yet

It was my turn yesterday and I ended up 5th for the day. Not too bad considering that I wasn't trying to race at all. It's been a while since I've had a XC flight just for fun with no pressure whatsoever. Yesterday was one of these days where I just enjoyed being up there and going around a little task.

Umbrella service on the grid today


Ziggy again

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