Monday, November 18, 2013

Summer has arrived

Finally - this Winter seemed to be going on forever but we just had the first beautiful and warm weekend. Weekend full of flying.

Wilga came out of Tony's shop on Friday. She's all good and flying. The first flight was kind of funny. I got in with Griffo and we divided emergency tasks between the two of us. I was responsible for flying and he was supposed to be trying to get the engine going again in case it stopped. Luckily it never happened and I took Ziggy up. This was his first flight in Wilga. I promised him that 4 years ago when we first met in Hungary. Well, it took me a while but I kept my promise and made him happy on Friday.

Tony dragging her out for the test flight

the usual stuff

the two of us should be able to handle s...t hitting the fan

on base and all in green

turning final

On Sunday we hooked a glider up and she towed no problems so I think we're getting there:

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