Thursday, January 9, 2014

and they keep flying

Thy better do keep flying because we are starting to have a hospital here in the gliding club. Now it's not just me but also Griffo, who partially raptured his Achilles tendon pushing the Wilga after he finished towing. So now we have some logistics to sort out with one airplane, two cars and two gliders and just one driver ... we'll see how we're going to manage that. It looks like at least Wilga will have to stay here for a while since there is no one to fly her.

I'm watching Ziggy on the SPOT and he seems to be doing all right and already heading back towards home from very far away. It is a very interesting weather pattern today with a trough line sitting about 100 km to the east and blue conditions anywhere else. It will be interesting to hear the reports once they all come back.

here is me in a back brace again

Zig ready to rock and roll

on the grid

you don't wanna see me walking (if you can even call it walking)

Zig taking off behind Wilga today

the airfield is already dry

off they go
It was so windy on the grid yesterday that the pike cart almost took off (it it wasn't hooked up to the tractor). The CD Bill Mudge was in it and he's now called the captain. It didn't look funny but since nothing happened we can now laugh:

And here is some more art by the same artist. All the drawings relate to some true events we're experiencing here:

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