Sunday, February 2, 2014

and here she tows again

The Horsham Week competition started yesterday. The Beast from the East is towing again. I flew with Pete yesterday and showed him how to do towing in a Wilga and today he did it all alone. Guess who's buying beers now?

Don't be fooled by these pics. We are in the middle of a pretty nasty heatwave and had temperatures in mid 40's day after day over the last week. There is more to come. Today we hit 44-45 degrees and guess which tug was the most wanted one and didn't seem to have issues with the conditions? Wilga. The job Tony has done on the plane is amazing. Although she has never been designed for conditions like we're having now she is towing everything and anything and doesn't cause any stress to pilots on either end of the rope. Fuel all the way up, two people in the front and a loaded glider on tow - no problem. We are very happy with the way she's performing. It looks like it was well spent $.

Wilga and Jantar - well known to me

a bit different way of gridding - Morgan pushing his Sparrowhawk all the way to the grid

Peter getting more comfortable

thermals and wave at the same time today

another doughnut cloud

Unfortunately we have to work to be able to have 5 weeks off in July/August to go for the Worlds to Poland but the boys will be flying for the whole week. We're having the South Australian crowd for dinner in our place on Tuesday - let's hope there will be no outlandings and they can make it on time. Ziggy will be cooking his famous steaks - something no one wants to miss :)

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