Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fiat 126

What a weekend. We just came back from Ballarat where Ziggy attended a cardiology conference and I was killing time in town. We stayed in a beautiful old hotel with lots of history and had a great dinner with fabulous wine last night. This morning, during breakfast, we had a closer look at the art displayed on the walls and found something really special. A shot taken somewhere in Italy. The very special feature is the little white car: Fiat 126. Italian in origin but also built in Poland on a licence for years and years and being the most popular family (yes! FAMILY) car for a long time. Believe it or not but this tiny car with 23 HP was able to fit in a family of four and at the same time tow (yes, tow!) a little caravan. Polish families traveled all over Europe in these cars and were really happy to be traveling at all! Ziggy had a white one and then a yellow one, my mom had a red one and my friend a green one. The engine was in the back too! 

We fell in love with this print also because the color scheme kind of matches our house and we had an idea where to put it. Ziggy used all his charm and convinced the hotel owner to sell this print to us. She did! The hotel restaurant looks different now with one print missing on a huge brick wall. The photo changed homes and is now in Horsham! And we already put it up:

Very successful cardiology conference that was!

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