Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Czech Republic

550 km done today ... in a car. We finally made it to Prague in the late afternoon. Traffic jams all over the place and one caused by a pretty bad accident. A truck crossed over from the opposite direction and ended up in the trees. Just imagine a little car being in the same spot at the same time ...

We checked into our hotel and went for a walk and dinner. Prague is beautiful but at the same time a bit over-rated and full of tourists. Streets are full of crowds strolling up and down. The old and beautifully restored buildings are impressive though.

Dinner was unreal ... there is no way one person can eat it. And these were the "smaller" serves:

nice Czech beer helps to flush down the food

tourist guide (the girl) with two tourists - great way, no need to walk

We've got another big drive ahead of us tomorrow. Final destination is Cracow (Poland) but we will stop in Martin (Slovakia) for a few hours to visit our Aussie friends competing in F3J World Comps.

Oh, and if I forgot to mention before - weather is absolutely gorgeous and warm and it will get even warmer in the next few days. Love it!

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