Friday, July 18, 2014

exploring Ziggy's hometown

What a long and exciting day. Ziggy is doing a great job as a tour guide showing me around all "his" places like schools, clubs, work places etc. Weather is absolutely beautiful for that.

brekky outside - you can't have this in OZ at the moment

this used to be Ziggy's favorite night club in the old days

We even visited the hospital where Ziggy used to work before he left Poland. We barely entered the building and he was recognised straight away by one of his colleagues Marta. We then met all the other doctors who remembered Ziggy really well. Well, I guess it's hard to forget him and his body also refuses to change with time.

Ziggy's "old" hospital

There is very many funky coffee shops and restaurants in Cracow. One of them had ancient school furniture in the outdoor area that Ziggy remembered really well. This was how he used to sit in class.

We've got one more day here and will be driving to Leszno on Saturday. Then the real hard work will start. We are looking forward to it though. Bring it on!

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