Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bavaria and beer

Now, if this is not holidays than I don't know! We are in Bavaria staying in the most freaky hotel with the best restaurant ever.

Yesterday we caught up with friends, who run the Fly Down Under soaring operation out of Stonefield. Not quite a business meeting as we went to Chiemsee for lunch. Thanks guys! We probably wouldn't go there and see the place if it wasn't for you.

My German is getting rusty but it's not too bad yet ... I think I will still pass all the exams ahead of me.

Today we went to Austria. It's amazing how freely you can travel nowadays. We barely noticed that we changed the countries. We had a beautiful lunch in Salzburg, walked for miles around town and then got disappointed:

Bloody hell, that's what we came here for!

Weather was crap but the city was great ... and extremely old (most buildings dated ca. 1500):

electric buses

our Hertz rental Ford has done a great job so far

We just finished the last dinner in our awesome hotel and started packing bags. Man, we shopped! We managed to squeeze it all into our bags but I'm afraid they are way too heavy ... we'll see tomorrow at the airport.

San Gabriele restaurant - the best pasta ever!

pasta cooked to perfection

It's kind of sad that our trip is slowly coming to an end. It was great and challenging at the same time but we're delighted to be going back home. One thing is sure, we've got the best bed in the world and we're missing it badly.

500 km to drive tomorrow ... and more shopping at the airport ;)

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