Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekend in Robe

Another great weekend in Robe with Paul and Zofia. This time we used the opportunity and flew over there. Much better than driving - only ca. 50 min in a C172.
The Robe Aviators Society organised their first Robe Giant Fly In. They were expecting some 20 planes but what happened exceeded everybody's expectations. 50 planes and 80 people turned up ... The pub was booked for aviator's dinner and barely coped with the demand.

few selfies to start with

long beach - 16 km of beach that is a public road at the same time

big pond

final to Robe International

LGP in her PJs ready for the night

We had a great time with friends in their gorgeous beachfront house and also with all the pilots at the airfield. Coming back home from a weekend away and being physically exhausted really makes you feel like it was a good time :)

Zig showing off his new aviator's jacket

There was also another big event happening - the opening of the new club house. Huge thing about it is the fact that the whole hangar has been donated to the club by one of the members, who was moving away. The club approached him with an offer to buy the hangar off him and he said: "No, you can't buy it because I'm giving it to you". They couldn't believe their luck. It is at least a $60.000 gift - how generous is that?

the donated hangar

Ziggy couldn't help himself and had to have a speech in the pub. He (as always) made them all laugh. When a band started playing he wanted to join them and sing. Luckily we managed to stop him ...

taking Zofia, Paul and David up to spy some seals in the ocean

The house below is for sale and listed @ well over 1 million dollars. Sounds ridiculous but the perception changes as soon as you make a 180 degree turn ... see photo underneath. 

this is the view from to little house above

the driver of this car was sitting inside and eating takeaway food ...

The flight back was interesting as it was really windy with low clouds rolling in from the water in Robe. It cleared up towards the east and it was beautiful and sunny in Horsham. Still very gusty though.


and new - life is so much easier now

with over 40 kts tailwind even the little 172 does all right

back home

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