Monday, October 17, 2011

getting ready for the first comp of the season

We are going to participate in the Victoria State Competition in Ararat beginning of December. Since pair flying is allowed we decided to fly two gliders. I will be using our club's Pegase. It hasn't been flown much in the last years and needed a bit of love and care.

working on the fuselage

all surfaces are in a surprisingly good shape

my CAI 302 also found a spot in the instrument panel

After quite a few hours of mostly cleaning work all there is left to do is a new seat cushion and some polish and wax for the wings. Other than that the glider looks pretty decent. Something looking good has to be flying good as well. I'll figure that out soon.

We used the occasion and human power available to clean the hangar and get rid of all the mess accumulated in there over years.

nice and empty

Ziggy came up with the idea of utilizing this beautiful retro style piece of equipment sitting in the corner for years:

Apparently it's still working but we'll remove all the interiors, renovate the whole outside and integrate a beer fridge in there. This is going to be an original piece of art (very useful at the same time).

We also decided to rename the former workshop and create a new class room in there. It will be used for lectures and briefings during the upcoming Horsham Coaching Week and Competition.
The first event held in there will be my Official Observer workshop in November. The list is still open and if somebody is keen to get the Official Observer qualification is more than welcome to let me know.

washing the class room tables

class room

I also found this little funny creature in the hangar yesterday:

It was scared to death and behaving like a little kid:

"I will hide my head so the human can't see me"