Tuesday, February 28, 2012

country people get sophisticated over weekend ;-)

There is something really awesome about living in a little country town. Everyday's life is extremely easy and things are organized in no time. If you feel hunger for the big smoke though ... you just jump in the car (or plane) on Friday night like we did last weekend. Three hours later (by car of course) you check in a hotel of your choice in Melbourne's CBD and head for a nice meal.

windy on the West Gate Bridge

Weather was great and we enjoyed every single minute. Ziggy caught up with his old radio controlled model flying mates letting them know that he's definitely coming back. I already had this feeling some time ago in Ararat. They updated him on whats "in" and a "must have" now and we stopped by in Ballarat to watch them competing. Totally new experience to me. It's very impressive how advanced and sophisticated these glider models are. I have to get some practice first though and we started looking for an entry level foamy for me to crash ;-)

containers as far as you can see

downtown Melbourne through the back window

There was so much to do and see that I've totally forgotten to take some pics ... next time - that's what I keep saying every single time.
We are flying to Tocumwal to meet Ingo Renner in two weeks time. He is keen to have a look at my XC flying and give me some tips, which is great. 
The weekend after country people will spend in Adelaide where Ziggy will show me all his old places in his "home" town.