Friday, September 7, 2012

Time to celebrate!

I am very happy to announce that today I officially became Australian resident!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

celebrating the first Spring day

What is the best way of celebrating the first Spring day? Silly question - open the hangar doors, let the fresh air in and the equipment out! This is exactly what we did yesterday.

MOM enjoyed the sun and freshly re pitched prop. I took her for a test flight and have to admit that a lot has changed. We went down 2 inches (from 60" to 58"). She's still lazy with the rpm on the ground but develops full range up to the red line as you speed up and the cruising speed with 2450 rpm in level flight didn't go down at all and stayed around 105 kts!

after the test flight
If it's going to be enough for towing? ... we will see. But first let's have a drink to this significant improvement.

Some time ago we asked Max to re engineer the car jacks that we bought to be used as hangar trolleys for gliders. What he came up with is just amazing and we are extremely impressed. There is no other way for these jacks but to work perfectly. Thank you Max!
made by Max
We also had the annual club dinner last night. Food was good and despite the very average service we all had great fun.
Ziggy dressed up for dinner

President's speech