Friday, August 7, 2015

back to school

I somehow had the feeling that I would be back sooner or later. I spent soooo much time at uni during my studies and kind of missed that recently ;)
Anyway, I'm back but this time around on the other side of the lecturing theater. It's a new challenge but a very rewarding one. A lot of work and time goes into preparation but lecturing itself is quite fun and I'm really enjoying it. That's what it's all about, isn't it?
I'm teaching Aerodynamics 2 and find that making this topic interesting and understandable for a broad spectrum of students is quite a challenge. At the same time though it's fun to sort of "translate" the dry theory from books into engaging presentations.

Weekend is coming in a few hours and we're heading to Waikerie tomorrow morning for the club working bee weekend. There are bits and pieces around club facilities that need fixing before the season starts. We need to repair the cracking walls in the member's kitchen and also do some roof works on the accommodation huts. Zig is very optimistic and reckons that we will also be able to so some painting in our holiday house as well. We will see ...

Exciting stuff happens around our house in Adelaide too. We almost completed all the interior renos and are moving outside to have it all done before summer arrives. The next step is a new pergola and I just had a builder in to discuss the details and see how this can be done. We didn't really have a design concept for it to match the very old house but what do you have a next door architect neighbour for? It took him 5 minutes to figure out how it should look like and I have to say that we didn't even think about going that way but it's a great idea and we're gonna go ahead with it.

So, busy times ahead ... a never ending story ...