Saturday, September 21, 2013

airborne weekend

Finally :)
We traveled to Ararat this morning to get our annual check flights done. I was checked out first and then tortured Ziggy myself which was a pleasure. They also gave me one more local victim to check out before solo. He did well and went up by himself in a Puchacz.
Weather was very average with clouds just 2000 ft AGL, some decent winds and no workable thermals. Nope, we are not in France anymore. It's always good to go up though so we enjoyed the day.

not sure what he's celebrating before launch

I'll be finishing the annual inspection on the 55 tomorrow so she'll be ready to go next weekend. Summer can come - we're ready!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

technical weekend

It's slowly time to get ready for the flying season. Looking out of the window the weather is not quite there yet but it shouldn't be long and we want to be ready.
The annual inspection on the 55 was due and we started it this weekend. In fact, it's almost finished now except for few little elements, like a self locking washer for the tailwheel, that need replacing. Other than that we just have to put the glider back together making sure there are no spare parts left and off we go. Here are some pics showing the picture perfect working space that we are happy to have:

you can rig and de-rig inside
guess where the yellow one is coming from?
the tail wheel has never been taken off before
plenty of space even for the Wilga in the far corner
the naughty corner with the beer fridge