Saturday, November 22, 2014

back in Waikerie

Here we are, back in Waikerie for the 2014 Orange Week. This time the event is combined with the South Australian State Championships. Because Ziggy and myself are sharing one glider, we will not officially take part in the state comps.
Weather was very average today (more on the competition blog site: We used the opportunity for some social activities ...

It was a hot day and every time something started popping up, it was blowing up and throwing water and lightning strikes accompanied by some nasty gusty winds. The pub was the way to go - out and return!

way to cross the river

built in 1860 - veeeeery old for this country

unfortunately Ziggy found a stage and no one to pay him not to sing ....

Summer is getting closer

This one will be an exciting one for various reasons ... also the flying ones. It looks like we'll be able to do more of it!
Couple of weekends ago we had a visitor - Ziggy's high school friend and a very gifted professor who came to Australia to give some lectures. He found one spare evening and drove all the way up to Horsham to see us. It was a very short visit but a very nice at the same time.
We took him for a little sightseeing tour over the area.

naughty one in the back

Dimboola Medical Centre