Friday, April 18, 2014

Go Graham go!

... and go XM go!

Our friend Graham just sent us a link to his blog that he set up for the Sisteron Gliding Grand Prix Finals:

He will be representing Australia and flying our ASG29E "XM". After the competition the glider will be finally shipped to Australia. Graham hasn't mentioned that in his blog, but the deal we had worked for all of us. We left our glider in Europe for one more season so that he can fly it but in return I was able to fly his ASG29E "TF" twice in the Australian nationals. A win-win deal.

Graham is leaving for Europe coming Wednesday and we'll be watching him so be afraid, be very afraid Dr. Parker:

Bring that medal back home!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A good read

Some time ago I was asked to translate an article for Soaring NZ magazine. The article was written by Tomasz Kawa about Sebastian's flying in Nepal and his attempts to climb Mt Everest in a glider. I got the first article, read it and said YES. It was a fascinating read and a delight to translate. On top of that it's a great practice for the accredited professional translator exams that I'll be sitting soon. I'll be sitting two languages: German and Polish to and from English ... need to get some more practice in German-English-German though.
The first article was published and I scanned it. I also just finished the second translation, which is even bigger than the first one and will be published in the next Soaring NZ edition.

The first part:

I think it's time to change my last name. It's always misspelled the same way ;)