Monday, October 29, 2012

flying weekend

We can now announce the flying season 2012-2013 open. Both weekend days were flyable and we definitely made use of this fact. Some got their annual checkflights, Bernie managed a motorglider rating and our new student Dominic was fighting with Grob trying to force the glider to fly straight.

"Ahhh, do whatever you want Adam"

tow plane

stalker plane

It was well soarable under small Cu's at 5000ft on Saturday and even the Cirrus didn't manage to shut the force down on Sunday. Another good news is that the club is growing. We had 3 new members joining last weekend. Bernie and Adam, who already have their flying tickets and Dominic who is really keen to get one.

Pete checking out Bernie

yes, it was definitely "nosi nosi"

I already mentioned differences in teaching flying here and in Europe some time ago. I was checking out Adam and did something we used to do quite often with students before they can be considered to be fit for the first solo. I pulled the yellow knob on him at almost 300ft AGL (of course after making sure that we will make it back to the field). He handled it very well and we landed back on the runway in the opposite direction. What surprised me the most though was how surprised others were. Bernie even said he wouldn't want to be my son cause I'm like "sink or swim" ... who's talking about sinking when swimming is the only option?

OK, let them do it hoping between the two of them they can figure it out

Ambulance cockpit

Ambulance equipment

Ziggy talking to Marc the pilot

waiting for the patient

off we go


yes, you do look good even in this vintage flying hat