Thursday, November 8, 2012

step by step

I am proudly reporting that I passed the theory exams for my Commercial Pilot Licence conversion yesterday. It's been a long day finished off with big satisfaction and a bottle of nice wine of course. It is also worth mentioning that I've been doing it for the 3rd time. First time was in USA where I originally got my licence, then I did the conversion for the European one to end up in the land of OZ and do it all over again. I've got no problems with that though. I love living in this beautiful country and can sit for as many exams as someone wants me to sit ;-)

Except that there is a lot going on in Horsham Flying Club. After working on some significant resistance for quite a while we managed to convince most of the members that renovation works to the club rooms are overdue and keeping status quo is already creating a serious health hazard.

We started with cleaning up almost 50 years of club existence. I'm paying with a significant lower back pain that keeps me from working out in the gym with my favorite girls. I already got hooked and suffer not being able to do it for a few days.

With cleaning all done it was about time to start painting but Ziggy seemed not to fully understand the assignment:

One of the boys put this ad found in a barbecue shop on the wall:

They do not understand how much on fire Ziggy already is. Believe me, there is no need for additional fire up.
We finally started panting. All the beams and trims are very time consuming and you don't see much of an effect but wait till we start with the walls! Like in the workshop there will be more of Marta's feature walls too. Be afraid, be very afraid. You are not gonna recognize the rooms.

Somebody said some time ago that flying these Jabiru's is playing with fire. Well, sure enough the words found their confirmation. The engine blew up on PW and he was forced to put the plane down in a high canola field. The little Jab is out of action for a while and so is PW. Luckily nothing really bad and he will turn good within the next 6-8 weeks. We all hope Pete will get better sooner that that and wish him a speedy recovery. We need out here at the airfield PW!
Maybe it's not time to be joking about it but when you're flying a Jabiru make sure you've got a spare engine on board:

the trashed engine goes for a trip to the repair shop and Phil loves being photographed, doesn't he?