Saturday, April 7, 2012

winter is coming if we want it or not

The temperature reached +34°C yesterday afternoon. Then winds up to 45 kts came and temperature dropped below +20°C. I'm not a big winter fan but there is nothing we can do about it.
We drove to the airfield today, gave the glider a good pre-winter wash and put all covers on.

glider wash heroes

We still have some full size flying in front of us. Our club is shifting to Warracknabeal next weekend to do some joy flights with passengers over there. We will fly over and stay over night after a social dinner with members of the other club. It's gonna be fun. Let's just hope the weather will stay flyable. As of today the predictions look really good.

During our last years US trip we made the Boeing factory tour. We learned that the final assembly of B787 takes just 3 days. This was the time frame Ziggy was aiming for his electric model. He ended up with ... I guess more than 2 weeks but Magic 3D is finally ready for the first flight.

I think he should start working on efficiency increase for the next project :-)