Friday, February 15, 2013

rest period after competitions

So the next comp is over. We've got such a busy time right now that there is not much left to write something for the blog. Although this was a relaxed kind of competition we had a few really good and some very challenging days. No two days were the same or even similar. It must have been really hard for the met-man and the task setter. One way or the other we had fun and I again have the feeling that I learned a lot. I also noticed that I'm starting to figure out Australian weather and fly faster.

Here are the final competition results:

I finally got the official confirmation about my nomination to represent Poland in the upcoming Women's World Gliding Championships in France.

So dear French friends get the wine and cheese ready - we're coming! But seriously, I'm really glad that I can go although I'm well aware how much challenge and hard work it's gonna be. It's time to start serious preparations and travel arrangements. Speaking of preparations I also mean a short break from gliding. I'm getting drained after intensive flying and such were both recent competitions. I will be rested and ready to rock in France. It doesn't mean that I will not be flying at all till then, just take it a bit easier. I might even enjoy some flying with the big fan on the nose again. Speaking of fan, Wilga did very well towing for the competition (and so did Griffo) so we are pleased with this choice.

We're heading to Melbourne for a nice summer weekend and if everything goes as planned I'm starting my new job here in Horsham next Tuesday. It's exciting!