Thursday, September 20, 2012

new project ;)

I'm sorry but there is no way I could possibly stop myself from posting this. We went to the post office the other day and found something that could solve all the club's issues with the Jabiru engine maintenance. Everyone is sick and tired of the engine being torn apart in bits and pieces every few days. You take it up for a flight and it goes straight back into Phil's place over and over again. I don't wan to be too sarcastic but how about a new project? I volunteer to put this engine together and risk to believe that it's going to be working better than the original engine:

There is also good news though. The flying season is not too far away. Days are getting warmer, chutes are sent for repacking, and the first glider is de-rigged in the workshop almost ready to have the annual inspection done. This will be my first one.

Trying to plan the competition schedule we came across the Orange Week in Waikerie. Of course we knew of the existence of this competition but never explored it in detail. We looked up the website, read the rules and entered straight away.

Why? It's simple ... just read the competition rules carefully. Doesn't it sound like lots of fun?

To be honest I have to admit that I was myself reading the rules. So it's decided and the Orange Week will be the first competition we are going to this season. And by the way: I love oranges and fresh OJ!