Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas visit

We had a very excited visitor over Christmas. My mom flew in from Poland - her very first time in Australia and first summer Christmas. We've done some driving around and I took her up for a flight in a Cessna. In fact this was her first time up with me ... never happened before although I've been flying for over 14 years now.

She asked: "Are you reading a manual?" I replied: "Yes mom, trying to figure out how to fly this damn thing..."

she was too excited to take photos - this is one of a very few

We stayed in Melbourne for a couple of days before heading into the deep country side.

The standard program was on:

She desperately wanted to taste kangaroo, which became her favorite meat:

here you go: crocodile, kangaroo and emu - have a taste

And a quiet Christmas at home followed:

Mom is leaving soon and we'll be rushing to South Australia for two weeks of flying. It's gonna be hot! We are both flying the Australian Nationals. Ziggy is flying his 55 in the club class and I'm competing in 18-m ASG29E. We are looking forward to it and hitting the road on Monday morning to beat the heat.

I'm going via Adelaide and Gawler to pick up the 29, Ziggy is driving Griffo's truck loaded with fuel for the Wilga and Griffo is flying Wilga over the big scrub. There is not much on the way and certainly no place to stop for fuel so he will land somewhere and they will give Wilga a drink from Griffos truck. How extreme is that?

We'll be in Waikerie for the big New Years party!