Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pawnee'ing and 29'ing

Last weekend was great fun @ Waikerie. It was very private as most of the guys are in Victoria flying the Horsham Week. So there was just the two of us and Craig. We even managed to talk Alan into running the wings for us.

noisy visitor
making sure she's not gonna blow my little toy away

Craig and Ziggy declared a 300 km lead and follow task. Weather predictions were, of course, much better than the reality turned out to be but they still had fun in the blue managing ca. 107 km/h around the task.

I did spend the day on the ground after putting the Pawnee away. I still can't get over the performance of this thing. 40 degrees heat and a fully loaded 29 - couple of minutes up to 2,000 ft. The only thing limiting the turn around time is the fact that you can't just drop off the sky like we did with Wilga due to possible engine shock cooling issues. Still 5 minutes turn around is not too bad. I have to admit I really enjoy flying this little thing. Towing is fun again.

And then they came back ...

Back home there is more gardening to be done. The landscaping works in the back and side of the house are finished and all there is left to do is some planting in the garden beds.

I will also get a little garden/veggie patch. I just need a little one for all the herbs that I keep buying and then throwing half of them away because you don't need that much and they don't hold well. So there will be some basil, coriander, hot chilli, mint and few other nice little things.

Our water feature will also be getting some fish!