Monday, September 24, 2012

my first Form 2

Man was that a busy weekend. But also a very successful at the same time. I almost completed my first annual inspection of a glider. There are no nuts, bolts or screws left after I put it back together - the biggest success!

I've got few sore muscles now but it was fun working on it. The worst part is still ahead of me - paperwork. The boys, of course, are making fun of me and looking for a volunteer to test fly it. Don't you worry about that. Rex was supervising and he will go for a test flight with me:

And, off the record boys, you better watch what you're saying cause I can ground it anytime ;)

The glider has a fairly new interior but someone still managed to get his/her messy shoes straight on the seats. The problem is that this is not the ordinary dirt but asphalt from the runway on a very hot summer day. I will have to find a way to get rid of this mess somehow. Any suggestions appreciated.

Towards the late afternoon, approaching beer o'clock, more and more members kept coming teasing me with stubbies. I used them for tasks requiring less brain power like cleaning the canopy and attaching new yaw strings. The latest turned out to be hard to accomplish and no matter how hard they tried the strings never wanted to be straight and in the middle.

Even the professional tools supplied didn't help. They finally managed and the fuselage was ready for the final quality control:

The glider is now almost ready to be rigged and test flown. First though, as Selwyn called it, I will have to sign my life away ;)