Sunday, May 19, 2013

lunch from Sri Lanka

We just came back from a Sunday lunch Sri Lanka-way. As usual I was the only "not medical profession" person in the house. I got used to it though and it doesn't bother me at all except when people ask if I'm not bored cause they're all talking about medicine all the time. They are just like pilots talking about flying all the time.
The food that was served was just unreal and there was so much of it that it was really hard to try it all. Even if you went just for a little bite of everything.

"it's just lunch" they said

with Champika and Rowina - two doctors working with Ziggy

Once the cameras were out Ziggy couldn't help himself. This photo of the Dimboola Medical Centre was shot and will be displayed in the waiting room:

Ziggy and his Team (Susie, Di, Cathy, Rowina and Champika)

It was a great weekend! 

be visible

Another unusual requirement for the upcoming world championships are the "high visibility" markings on the glider. I requested some more specific information from the organizers and this is what I received. As of today our glider is totally unacceptable:

This issue has been discussed over and over again and even some research has proven that these markings are of no added increased visibility value whatsoever. Once you are able to spot the markings you've already spotted the glider. Spotting something against the ground you usually see the movement first and a glider with the sky or cloud in the background seems black anyways (no way you can pick the color first). So it's very different again and we have to get some stickers organized. Hopefully they will leave no marks once we take them off after 14 days of comp.