Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking"

I am happy to announce that I was offered and accepted the position of Australian Team Captain for the upcoming World Gliding Championships in Poland. We are leaving for the comps mid of July and have 5 pilots and their crews in the team. Ziggy was announced team doctor and comedian and can't wait to board the plane.
There is million things to organize before we can go though. Accommodation is already sorted out but we are still looking for gliders to rent. We need one of each: 15 m, 18 m and open class glider. So if anyone has anything please let me know. We can either pay $$$ or offer gliders in return here in Australia.

making kids happy weekend

Last weekend the Horsham Aero Club + many private owners offered joy flights for disadvantaged kids. The action is called "Fun Flight" and is a yearly event. We had a lots of fun and I was happy to make some faces smile too.

boarding my happy back seat passenger with a brand new CASA hat

Tony and his Bonanza

Ziggy went for a spin in a glider "representing" Just Soaring for the first time.

Wilga has been in Tony's workshop for a while now and after all he has discovered it is a true miracle that she was still flying ;) It turned out that all previous maintenance was not of the highest standards. New parts are now in and she'll be good as gold in a few days.