Wednesday, May 9, 2012

after the GFA airworthiness conference

Who said conferences were boring? Except for the few discussed subjects regarding some previous meetings where I for obvious reasons couldn't follow it's been a pretty interesting weekend. Motorgliders were the main point on the agenda. Some very useful information on engines, props and fuel and oil hoses has been spread around.

GFA Regional Technical Officers + Marta


how to prevent prop from departing the hub

Since CASA delegated all glider and motorglider related issues to the GFA it is very important to keep things safe and in a good order. GFA not only has the "power" and jurisdiction but also organizes things to make pilots life easier. I learned for example that GFA has the approval to inspect TOST releases so they don't have to be shipped back and forth to Europe. Like many other things, very useful action.

Ziggy stayed outside the conference room and played with his toys:

getting closer to the maiden flight

GFA office window

gliding clubs in Australia

Next weekend is Ziggy's conference time (cardiology in Creswick) and this time I will be staying outside trying to find something to play with. By the end of next week we're flying to Sydney for 3 days!