Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jerilderie 2012 - F3J

We are back home after an awesome 4-days weekend in a little country town named Jerilderie (Ziggy's version: Jerildie). The fact that we were heading into a deep country was quickly confirmed on the way out. We had to dodge sheep and cow to get there.

with fresh haircuts

they don't seem to care much

We were one of the last ones to arrive. Everyone else did it earlier and seriously practiced before the comp.

pelicans marking thermal bubbles over the field

Ziggy scared to death prior to his first flight in Jerilderie

the look of concentration

just like full size rc gliding is a team sport

Friday night we had a dinner with official registration for the comps. Every competitor got a bag full of commercial goodies. Among others the boys found rubber bracelets that attracted their full attention. Sure enough they found an alternate use for them and started claiming the "....rings" were too small. Someone even mentioned filing an official complaint but I'm afraid they would then have had to prove the rings were too small indeed which would have turned out difficult ;)

there's gotta be something out there

Ziggy launching a glider

Bernie in the lens

Jerilderie is a very small country town with not too much accommodation options. Since we were booking really late there was not much left so we had to go for something we had no idea about. After arrival it turned out that the place was not livable whatsoever. And I really mean it. We don't have a high expectations but a clean bed, hot shower and a heater in the room. The place had none of the above. We started asking around and got lucky. The Jerilderie caravan park and motel had one cancellation that day and we got a very nice and warm room. Lucky us.

it was close to 0°C in the morning

very happy with the warm jacket

glider stand

Weather stayed beautiful throughout the whole comp so there was no rest break and everyone got the maximum number of flights.

start line with all the winches

Gerry, David and Carl

David landing

I learned that someone flying a model plane is also called a pilot. So there were 54 pilots competing or better: there were 53 pilot competing plus Ziggy.

retrieving lines

Brad having way too many helpers

our team's pit


retrieving lines was just right for me

There are no female rc pilots in Australia and I think this is why everyone was trying to convince me to have a go hoping that I will also get hooked. Greg rigged a foamy and gave me a short lesson:

not sure if they know what they've just started ...

tension in every single muscle

full concentration

doing OK

So I have to admit that it wasn't easy and I found myself being really tense and concentrated. Pretty exhausting especially when you do it for the first time. Not impossible though ... we'll see if I can get myself proficient enough to fly Jerilderie 2013.

53 pilots plus Ziggy

our team

not everyone knows the origin of this move...

As predicted Ziggy didn't win but there were prices for everyone and he got 2 bottles of a very nice wine.

happy return to model flying

Exactly like I was told before the atmosphere of such a competition was just magic. I've made tons of new friends and it looks like they were all happy to have Ziggy back. Not quite because of his model flying skills but more because of the entertainment he's providing basically 24/7. I think they really like him ... but honestly who wouldn't?