Wednesday, November 26, 2014

get out - I'm next!

So it was my turn today. We have changed many settings in all the over-smart computers and had to test them. It takes a while to have everything set to everybody's liking but we're getting there. The day was very challenging and I wasn't feeling well on top of all that. Probably I shouldn't have flown at all but I did. I got around the task with an embarrassing speed but at least did a so called competition finish in front of the spectators. I call it a missed approach because of too high speed and gear up.

All in all I guess it's better to fly, even in crap conditions, than not to fly at all. It will be Ziggy's turn tomorrow. Hopefully he can enjoy some better weather.

But for now it's dinner and PIWO time!

Oh, almost forgot about that one. The other day Mr Gonski and Peter showed all of us a perfect team flying demonstration followed by a synchronized outlanding. The story developed (as they usually do under alcohol influence) into a synchronized swimming episode and the guys got awarded a pair of Speedos (oh well, not quite that but a good enough imitation) and a matching laundry peg for their noses:

if this is not embarrassing then I don't know

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Zig flying

Ziggy finally got his second flight in XM. He wasn't 100% happy with the instrument settings and is working on them now. Other than that it was a nice day :)

It's my turn tomorrow!