Friday, May 4, 2012

GFA Airworthiness Conference

It's Friday and we have another busy weekend in front of us going to Melbourne for the Gliding Federation of Australia Airworthiness Conference.
Ziggy is taking his glider model hoping he can find some time to catch up wit the model boys and do some test flights. It's about time he gets some practice after he has entered the F3J competition.
We've found an old picture CD given to Ziggy by Chad Nowak some time ago. There are very many really good flying pictures on there and I grabbed just a few to post them here. I hope Chad doesn't mind. Enjoy the pics and your weekend!

All the above pictures by Chad Nowak

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magic 3D maiden flight

The electric model absolved her maiden flight today and (what a wonder!) is still in one piece :-) In fact Ziggy did very well in both flights. I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the landings considering that he's been out of this business for 6 years.

perfectly equipped model flying field just 5 minutes out of town

last pre-flight checks

first take off

up in the air and still flying

very proud pilot with his model still in one piece

We had a great day meeting new people at the model flying field today. They had all kinds of toys and were all having heaps of fun.

there's gotta be something interesting out there

"I love the color!"

trunk full of anything you can think of