Thursday, March 7, 2013

big changes

I've been quiet for a while now. It's because we've been having a very busy time and, honestly, it doesn't seem to be ending soon. First of all, I found a nice engineering job with the City Council and I'm enjoying it big time. Not only the things I'm doing but also the fact that I'm finally "being useful" again. Ziggy loves it too because it means he can now relax and doesn't need to be working full time if he wishes so.

Another big thing is that we've moved into our new house. We've renovated a lot and it's a full success - it's amazing and very unique. We're settling in, the garage needs to be cleaned out and we're still waiting for some little bits and pieces to arrive. Once it's all done, it's gonna be soooo good ...

And here it is! My Commercial Pilots Licence number 3! Yes, I indeed do have three licences on three different continents. How cool is that?

And to keep up the gliding spirit here is a photo from our friends Ailsa Facebook page:

also found on Facebook: