Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

I took the prop off the Pacer some time ago to get it re-pitched hoping we can achieve a better towing performance. It will be done soon but in the meantime MOM looked kind of sad sitting in the hangar with nothing in the front.

Suddenly we discovered that the Horsham Secret Propeller Development Plant designed and fitted their brand new product. The newest technology incorporates a zero-pitch prop for zero ground roll and unlimited towing performance. The witch hat-ed propeller hub reduces parasite drug to values close to 0 by creating a specifically for Pacer designed adverse surface flow around the whole airframe! Amazing work done by Horsham based designer and space technology specialist Wayne J.

Wayne, we are waiting for the bill for all the work done but please have mercy ... we'll be giving you free tows!

It feels great to be around people witch such a great sense of humor! We love the new prop and don't you even dare to think you will get it back ;-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

my first AFL game experience

We've been planning to do it for quite a while and finally got it done. We went for the Australian Football League game last Saturday in Melbourne. Collingwood Magpies were playing Geelong Cats. Since we didn't know who to cheer for we figured we better decide depending on where our seats were. It wouldn't be smart to yell "go cats go!" while sitting in the middle of Collingwood fans crowd.

Later on we found out that the fans of both teams were mixed up and there was no fights! Nice and peaceful game where people are going with their kids and don't have to worry. Pretty unusual where I came from ... Ziggy had a few drinks and got going. The guy sitting next to him must have thought he's been in this business for long and complained to Ziggy: "There is to many new people around ... they have no idea about the game!". We are still laughing.

It was raining at times and we were sitting just under the edge of a roof. So we partly got wet. Normally a game like this would be sold out and therefore such an attendance was disappointing for some:

The game itself has pretty simple rules but looks kind of brutal to me. It was sometimes hard to figure out where the ball was. Seeing two or more fighting guys doesn't automatically mean they're fighting over a ball.

There was a 30 minutes break half into the game and kids stormed over the field where a few little fields were arranged for them to play. You could clearly see they are learning from the big guys:

Forget the ball! Let's kick his butt first!

While in Melbourne Ziggy had to go and check on his new business: the store selling Ziggy brand clothes. He walked in, showed his ID and got a $50 T-Shirt for just $20! Again ... he's done it before with another seller and it also worked.

We had one more one of a kind experience in the big smoke. Few days back Ziggy got a hair cut in Horsham. It turned out to be very, hmmmm, average and we decided to correct it. We walked into the first hair dressers joint in the CBD and sure enough they could do his hair straight away. Ziggy was positioned on the chair and this is where we started looking around. The whole joint was't really inviting and the crew didn't look like they knew what they were doing. We were about to quietly sneak out of there but a big busted and very sexy dressed lady grabbed a clipper and started working on Ziggy. We gave each other the "hair will grow back quickly" look. The lady was nice but really rough on his head and kept asking me how do we want it done every step of the way. She was in a very close body contact with Ziggy all the time. As it turned out later we both started thinking the hair dresser business might be a cover up for some bigger thing happening somewhere in the back ;-) Anyway, step by step she finished her work and what a surprise - this was the best hair cut Ziggy has ever had! The surprise was even bigger when it came to fixing the bill. 15$ (fifteen Australian dollar)! The cheapest and best hair cut ever! I think we'll go back there next time. Here is the proof:

he's taking it one day at a time

And here one more with the "young architect" look:

Australia is not a religious country at all but every now and then you find a "holy book" in your hotel rooms bedside table. This time there was more than one and no religion was disadvantaged:

But there is always some sort of equilibrium in the nature and therefore:

We had a great time watching the game, walking around, having good food and catching up with nice and friendly people but it also feels good to be back in the quiet country town we learned to call home.

Till next time Big Smoke!