Monday, October 15, 2012

Regional Engineering on Show

Passing through a few times and spending only one night there we had no idea that Geelong is a city with so much to offer. We got a chance to experience and learn more attending the "Regional Engineering on Show" weekend event organized by Engineers Australia. Ziggy earned a new name for the weekend and didn't want to have the badge changed:

The obvious sea side tourist attractions are by far not all there is to see. Very many well hidden historic places like for example the Fyansford Monier Arch Bridge or a residential property that was transported over there in pieces all the way from England are pretty amazing.

Fyansford Monier Arch Bridge - first steel reinforced concrete bridge with Engineering Heritage marker

Geelong also has a Deakin University campus. The Uni is one of the best public Unis in the country and accommodates almost 40 000 students. We attended a very interesting presentation about the University activities.

old railway bridge on the first rainy day

beautiful morning of day 2 as seen from the hotel

not quite water front but almost ;)

The event was more a social kind of gathering for engineers and their wifes + Ziggy. Every time I go to a medical conference with Ziggy people ask me if I'm a nurse. When Ziggy goes with me to an engineering event they ask me how it feels to be engineer's wife. Well, he must have a much smarter look and I'm always seen as a woman on his side ;) I suspect the blue engineer's glasses are to blame:

Day 2 was way too beautiful to stay indoors so off we went for a walk:

the background object is much more interesting than all the boats

c'mon Ziggy for a Facebook-like photo
Sunday lunch was in a winery nearby. There are 16 wineries with fine dining all around Geelong! We had great food and wine, exchanged business cards and departed in different directions. It was a great weekend and we met soooo many interesting people.