Thursday, November 29, 2012

hot, hot, hot

The last temperature check showed 44C at 2pm and I can tell you - it is bloody hot. The day was cancelled. There is cirrus clouds everywhere, very strong winds and no thermal activity. Amazing, you would think there must be something out there. Anyway, everyone is in hiding in the air conditioned club rooms.

Last night was fun again. We tasted some polish beers and very fancy and good wine.

Today we're back to normal having the usual glider pilot lunch out of the plastic boxes or paper towels and thinking what to do with the day.

It's too hot to even go for a swim in the river which is beautiful out here. There is crocks and snakes in the river too ...

The Maurie Bradney Trophy board is growing but there is no visible winner yet. It's a head in head run:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

tomorrow is another day

Well, I had great fun 2/3 of the run showing 125 km/h. Then I turned and went under the Cirrus approaching from the west and shutting down everything. I was forced to start final glide from 90 km out and go at the best glide speed. Then I had a choice of finishing below the allowed 1000 m altitude difference between start and finish having the record speed or regain the required altitude risking being too slow. I've chosen the second option and came back exactly 1 km/h too slow ... well, that life. I'll give it a go again tomorrow.

10 minutes ago

The good thing about it all is that I'm back and we're having a Polish Beer night tonight. We supplied some Zywiec and Craig brought some other Polish stuff from Adelaide this morning. Cheers!

let's try it

A 3 hrs 30 min AAT is set for the day and I'm flying my own task. The plan is a 400 km triangle: Start E3, Pinnaroo, Lake Cullulleraine, Start E3. It's gonna be a blue day but might be pretty high. I figured that on an average day I fly faster in the blue because I'm not tempted to try to find the best clouds but go straight on task instead. I'll be on my own cause the set task goes East-West and I'm going to the south.

Zigster landing

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wine Club with flying problem

Yes, that's what it is here. The last 2 days were cancelled and we spent them talking, eating good food and drinking wine. In fact last day and evening were to die for. Day was cancelled about noon and we headed off to a near winery for lunch. Man, was that good :-) and my muscles are sore from laughing ...

a trophy that you "win" for misbehaving ... Ziggy managed to score a point during the first briefing

GonSKI is still on

lunch with a view of Murray river

Alan is flying an ASW20 with three jet engines. He is airborne within 100 meters and can come back home from 200 km away. Yes, it is all possible here. Very impressive.

Bernie and Ziggy went flying models instead:

I was caught complaining yesterday. Well, actually I wasn't complaining but I was quoted out of context and had to pay $6 fine for that. Complaining is strictly forbidden here. I just said that we will be coming here for all the food Jean is cooking and the wine that is served cause the weather is crap anyways. So in fact I was complementing the catering and got fined. Mr. Gonski payed too when he said something about the orange soup. Jean is just an amazing cook and we are trying hard to convince her to come to Horsham for the Coaching Week. Everyone is eating dinners at the club because it's just soooooo good.

Master Chef

Ziggy is flying today

John caught in the action

Today's task is a 2.5 hours AAT and the boys are on track. I'm watching Ziggy's progress on SPOT. This is an amazing feature that sends me his position every 10 minutes and I get it displayed on google maps. We have a very hot and blue day today and it's hard work for them. Tops of usable lift are about 4000 ft and the boys are sweating. I'm waiting here with a cold beer. They seem to be progressing by the look of the latest Spot update they turned in the first area and are heading for the second one:

Gonski had to eat one more bowl of the orange soup he complained about

funny crowd

Bernie and his instruments

watching the sniffer scratching in 1kts

Hayden departing

launching in progress

I'm gonna get ya!

Nick landing

Sunday, November 25, 2012

day cancelled

We decided not to have breakfast in the motel this morning and went to explore a new place. There is a gas station on the way to the airfield. The small place right on this gas station looks like it just has been opened. There is no advertisement on the outside and we found it just but mistake. You get a beautiful under $10 hot breakfast and can enjoy the spectacular river views. Coffee tastes just amazing. This is the place we will be definitely having brekkies for the whole week.

the deck outside is still under construction

looks and tastes great

The day today turned out not flyable. Task was just a 100km triangle and Keith went up in his PW-5 to sniff. After watching him scratching for about an hour over the field not getting higher than 2500ft the day was called off. Brian didn't want to believe it was that bad an self-launched in his ASH-26 just to put the engine away, than back up, and then away to land 30 minutes later. There was some thick cirrus entering the area from the south and the southerly winds brought a significant temperature drop just after midday. This killed all the weak thermals and the day was called off.

morning briefing

gits from Japanese pilots are spread all over the club rooms

using all available bits of shade