Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pegase back in the air

Finally ... we got one more bird in the air today. After few weeks in the workshop Pegase was fit enough to hit the air. Selwyn did the complete rewiring and installed the new radio as well as CAI 303. The instrument panel isn't beautiful as yet and there are still some cosmetics to be done but at least it's serviceable. I completed the Form 2 inspection together with the corresponding paperwork and declared the aircraft airworthy - how cool does that sound, huh?

The 302 still has the turn point database from Poland. As soon as we started it up my name appeared on the screen and the "go to" point: Leszno. Well, it's gonna be a long flight starting well below final glide to destination. Arnold did the first flight and complained that the unit was beeping at him all the time. I think the gadget was just trying to say: "mate, you're not seriously trying to head for Leszno, are ya?"

a serious clean for the seat pan

last detailed inspections before rigging and a good wash

all nice and shiny ready to go on 17

We had a great laugh last night when Ziggy discovered this video on YouTube. We witnessed the action in Jerilderie earlier this year. More than that, you can hear us commenting on towing and flying techniques applied by the professional test pilots. It was really easy to recognize me trying to be smart in the video since I was the only female present. It just reminds us how great the time over there was. Even if Ziggy didn't quite manage to win the comps ;-)

Monday, November 12, 2012

2nd anniversary

It is hard to grasp but today is exactly

since my arrival to Australia. Time flies and because so much happened it seems like it all was just yesterday. These 2 years have been the best ever and there is so much more to come!

Spring is finally here and we got some nice flying in last weekend. Our new members Bernie and Adam are very active and already managed an outlanding yesterday. OK, let's say it was a 50% of an outlanding because there was no retrieve. They motored the Janus out of the paddock and came back home just right for beer o'clock.

it looks to me like he likes it

run Phil!

Mr. Griffo'ski landing

Zigster landing

We are also (thanks to Wayne) progressing fast with club rooms renovations. The main room is already painted, Pete's cave is waiting ready for the first coat and we're waiting for Max to reinforce the bar wall so that we can patch the holes and pain it as well. New counter tops and window blinds are also on the way and so is the carpet.

Wayne and Ziggy targeting the beams

There is still a long way to go but the difference is already hard to believe and the room magically started to attract more and more visitors every evening...

Bernie is still flying on this pic

a nice cold beer tastes even better after a long hard day

There are very interesting stories about Pete's hospital stay. One of them is the "sheep" story. Not saying too much this one is for you PW:

empty trailer at BP station yesterday ;-)