Friday, January 31, 2014

you just gotta love Australia Day

Last weekend - the long weekend - was for us one of the best. We were invited by Ziggy's long time friend Paul and his wife to join them and a small crowd of other people in their holiday home in Robe with the long beach at the door step. We has the most amazing three days hiking, walking on the beach, talking, flying models, eating great food and drinking prime wine. It is hard to describe but the photos say it all:

long beach is a public road - how cool is that?

beach speed limit

celebrating Aussie day

this beach is 16 km long - packed with cars

my first time driving on the beach

road rules apply

the next morning with close to zero cars on the beach - even better

the GPS doesn't offer the option

waiting for lunch

this is what you call a house with a view

the boys just couldn't help themselves

and were disturbing the "serious" traffic on the Robe airfield

Blue Lake - I haven't played with this photo - this IS the color of the lake

like someone added buckets and buckets of blue paint in the water

This was a well deserved break. The last two weeks at work were extremely intensive. We had horrific fires going in Victoria, many people affected and properties burned to the ground. All the things that I have been working on for the last year suddenly became reality and started making perfect sense. All the documents and plans I've been working on were used and the emergency website that I designed has proven as a great communication tool. I was dumped into the whole action and it all started making sense to me. We've run a sprint in the emergency response phase and are now in the middle of the recovery phase marathon. I've been working more hours than usual but what keeps you motivated is the awareness that there are people behind all these numbers and data piles that need help as soon as possible. We still have weeks to go and tons of work to do but it is a rewarding experience.

It's Friday evening and I'm looking forward to another weekend to catch some fresh air (if you can call it fresh in 44 degrees heat for 5 consecutive days). We'll be going out to the airfield tomorrow and hopefully do some towing in the Wilga. The Horsham Week comp starts and there will be plenty of gliders to get up in the air. We've tested Wilga in Waikerie and she's doing just fine even in this weather. Very positive surprise.