Wednesday, July 17, 2013

last competition day and trip across Europe

We arrived in Poland to rest our bones after 2 weeks of extremely challenging flying. The last day topped all the previous ones. We had troubles staying up, started the task at 3:30 pm and struggled all the way through till the last thermal of the day. I fired up the engine 30 km out and made it back home watching the outlanding spectacle all the way. It was exactly what the engine is for. We talked about engine/no engine option many times before we decided to order one. The last day scenario was perfect. The day died before I managed to work out the final glide. I picked a nice field, started the engine, circled above the field to gain some more altitude before heading towards home.
That day mixed all the tables and there were some people heavily disappointed. It hasn't changed much for me and I, in fact, enjoyed it big time. I loved the glider and the engine :) I was drinking wine watching trailers leaving the field and then coming back few hours later.

Daily results:

Overall competition results:


Few pics from the closing ceremony:

It took us two days to get to Poland. We dropped off "XM" in Poppenhausen. Once again I have to mention the extraordinary service offered to us by Schleicher. Uli organized absolutely everything we needed before and after the comp. He took care of it all and we greatly appreciate it. Thank you Uli!

We are now visiting my mom and we'll be going to Berlin o Thursday. This will be "Berlin - one night only" and we will stay in the famous Adlon Hotel at the Brandenburger Gate. This is the famous hotel where Michael Jackson once stayed and the whole world was talking about it. Ziggy is already practicing his Michael Jackson dance moves. All good, as long as he's not starting to sing ...

Monday, July 15, 2013

last day ...

I will write more about the last day soon. It was the "killer". There is also plenty of photos that I have to go through first. We are now on the road - just arrived in Poppenhausen where Ziggy is in heaven. He deserves it after all the hard work:

We'll be picking up another rental car tomorrow and heading to Poland for a few days.

Here is an awesome video made by the competition organizers: