Monday, June 15, 2015

Project No. 2

Actually we've got two projects running simultaneously. We're not only renovating our new-old house, but also our newly acquired "holiday house". This gorgeous renovators delight is based in Waikerie, on the Murray river and has amazing runway views ;).

Here it is and it's all ours! (no mortgage)

Yes, we bought an old caravan based on the airfield. It will give us the convenience of ones own bed and storage space for all the flying goodies that we used to transport back and forth between Adelaide and Waikerie. 
There will be before and after photos once the reno rumble is finished. For the time being there is nothing inside the van since Ziggy professionally ripped all the interiors out.

Everything, including walls and floor will be new and ready for summer. I wasn't much help for him this weekend and utilised the runways a bit.
Zig still had company:

In the meanwhile I got converted into the club's Pawnee and added to the tug-pilots list. It's very cool to fly a plane, towing an ASK21 with two blokes in it and watch the vario peaked @ 10 kts. This Pawnee is unreal and goes up like a winch. At the same time it's so nice and easy to fly. I think I can start enjoying towing again ...

with John, Jean and Lilly

run up

first take off

into a weird looking sky

first landing

I really loved it and do not mind at all that I will from now on be on the tow pilots roster. We will be going to Waikerie on a regular basis over the winter. Winter in South Australia means 10 degrees at night and up to 20 with beautiful sky during the day. Soooo much warmer and nicer than Victoria. We can fly gliders all winter long here and formed a training group (4 of us) to practice together for the pre-worlds in Benalla in January.

Life is really good here.

busy times

Even if you buy a perfect house, which we still think we did, you start to change everything once you've moved in. Not that it's bad, it's just not how you want it. A never ending story.
We've been here for over three months now and almost finished the interior but basically haven't touched the outside yet ... except for the fencing that is finished and Ziggy's awesome brick paving for the rubbish bins. The rest is still an ongoing project that keeps us busy almost every weekend.

stones arrive

If we're not renovating, we go flying - even if it's just models that we fly. Ziggy participated in the F3J com in Jerilderie again last weekend. This time it meant 800 km drive one way but it was still worth it. We had heaps of fun and the weather couldn't be better.

Sydney 1266 ... luckily we don't have to go that far

most of the drive looks like this

winch lines in the morning

ready for action

the group that calls themselves pilots :)

he seems to be happy with his landing