Friday, July 25, 2014

open air surgery

Tom had his hand fixed just before arrival and today was the day to pull the stitches out. Ziggy used very professional tools from the glider tool box (one borrowed from the Kiwis).

And yes, this IS Simon ... he said he couldn't hold it anymore ...

We have the team captains meeting today afternoon, followed by our team meeting where we will discuss the plans for tomorrow's opening ceremony which will take place in town. The whole team has a table booked for dinner in the town square after the ceremony.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

it can rain in Europe!

Wow, we've got the very first day below 25 degrees and with something wet coming from above. And it doesn't want to stop! Anyway, it gives us time to finish off with all the paperwork, documents and other formalities. It is all looking very good and we are ready except for few minor things that will not stop anyone from flying.

Ziggy setting up a tent that the Team Captain later used as her garage

playing photographer on the grid yesterday

Ziggy practicing driving on the other side to be able to drive to the booze shop

Cmelak super tug!

Go Craig! (he finished 6th that day averaging well over 130 kph)

Yesterday was a very tricky day as a convergence line was approaching bringing showers and thunderstorms which cut off the way back home for some pilots. Ben tried to put the engine up but it turned out that the engine battery was flat and he ended up landing 50 km out. Gonski and myself went to pick him up. Great paddock but a bit soft and muddy after the rain ... the boys had to push me in the little VW Golf and the trailer out of it before they could jump in. We succeeded and were home just in time for beer and dinner.

Craig in MC

Ben's LU

Cmelak is just huge!

the Yanks are our container neighbors - very funny crowd

took this photo especially for our dirty Simon :)

Ziggy forced (no idea how) the organisers to print out an identification badge for him saying: Ziggy Very Important Person (with his photo on it). Everyone is envious as we just have the standard badges saying Pilot, Team Captain or Crew. His is very special. And so is Ziggy.

My mom came to visit for a few days so we take her out for a nice dinner in our hotel tonight. They have brilliant food here. Mr. Gonski loves every single thing that he tried in Poland and he is definitely putting on weight. Ziggy ordered a huge poppy seed cake from the cake shop today. It will be ready for Saturday ... wait till they try that!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First official practice day

The first official practice day is already behind us. Ziggy, myself and Simon drove to Poznan to pick up Peter, who will be crewing for Craig. This was also a good reason to introduce Simon to the real polish food in "Chlopskie Jadlo" restaurant. He loved it and even took a doggie bag with him.

Weather was just amazing and everyone had great fun flying 500 km and 600 km for 15-m and 18-m class respectively. The sky looked magnificent and they got up to 8000 ft - this s very unusual for Poland. Let's hope the weather will stay with us for the whole competition.

Ben trying out the glider

now this is THE lawnmover

Chlopskie Jadlo in Poznan

Monday, July 21, 2014

The whole team has arrived

We are all here, good and well but flat out preparing everything so there is no time for blogging and facebooking. We will get better once we have everything sorted out. All gliders are here and pilots are happy with them. The team is big already and will become even bigger in the next few days.

On the way to Leszno we stopped in Bielsko Biala to sort out the official paperwork on the modifications that we have performed on the SZD-55. They are seriously thinking about introducing our modification into serial production of SZD-55. It is just so much better than the previous design.

We still have lots of setting up to do so I better get going now. Here some more photos from the last 2 days: