Sunday, May 13, 2012

discovering Victoria

Ziggy had a one day cardiology conference in Creswick. The conference finished up with a nice dinner and we stayed in the Creswick Novotel Forest Resort over night. It is located on a huge golf course so every room has beautiful views and kangaroos and all kinds of birds show up in front of your eyes in the early evening hours. Nice place to stay if near Ballarat. 
Based on the fact that Ziggy hasn't changed a bit over the years he was recognized straight away by a guy he was working with 20 years back in Adelaide. David claims that he simply recognized his accent but this is not something Ziggy wants to believe. One way or the other this is a really small world.

Instead of heading home in the morning we decided to go for a drive and explore the surroundings. We skipped the hotel breakfast and had one in Daylesford instead. Daylesford is Victoria's spa capitol beautifully located on hills with all kinds of trees and other vegetation. You can clearly tell that there is more rain fall than anywhere else in Victoria. The grass is rich green and trees have all imaginable Autumn colors. Despite the cold and pretty wet weather it was a great pleasure to walk down the streets and visit all kinds of little stores with handcrafted goods. You really have to stop yourself from buying all the goodies and placing them all around your house.

We had breakfast in a beautiful restaurant. I just couldn't help myself and had to take these few pictures inside. Polished concrete floors, stone tables, awesome details, special atmosphere and great service. We really enjoyed it. The only thing I was missing was fresh orange juice.

breakfast place

made by someone with a really good taste

extremely cold and windy morning in Daylesford

Zig in Daylesford

Wombat? I didn't know that Mike has a gift shop over there ;-)

way back through the forest