Friday, October 4, 2013

Problems fixed...???...

The magic box full of fuel system parts for our Wilga has arrived from Poland. The big question is: "is it all enough to stop the engine from quitting on you"? Let's hope it is. The system is so simple that there is really not much that can go wrong. Engine compression test was OK, she's getting new spark plugs, carburetor, fuel valve, fuel tank vent valves and few more little things. This should do.

box full of goodies

Mr and Mrs GONski just emailed us few more pics from last weekend:

Helen with Wilga

with my mentor ;)

Zig and GONski
getting ready

braces are just 4 months on and they already do wonders

We've got another big weekend ahead of us. We'll be audited. The whole secret to be revealed soon ...

Monday, September 30, 2013

XT back in the air

What a great weekend we had ...
Steve and Helen came to visit and we just had fun all weekend long. Saturday was all about Ziggy's famous steaks, great wine and flying the drone. The boys started inside the house and managed to ruin my beautiful roses on the table before we forced them out on the street. It is a true miracle the drone is still in one piece:

Steve excited after landing on the "pad"

"don't you even dare to fly in the aviator's lounge!"

out in the space

Sunday was even better. We rigged the 55, I signed all the paperwork and took her up. She flies all right in all "modes of flight" ;) The ground crew failed again and didn't think about taking photos of a glider performing a missed approach. Steve had a chance to explain beat-up's to Helen before I took her up for a short flight.

Mr. Gonski (Steve) had his first and hopefully not last flight in the 55 and seemed to enjoy it. Ziggy also practiced a takeoff and landing. Weather was not really appropriate for anything else. Cirrus all over the place and fairly strong winds stopped convection from happening.

"I think I can handle it Zig. How about you grab a camera?"

light weight for the Jabiru

Mr. Gonski landing

full concentration

did he enjoy it?

Zig getting serious

photo session

two girls in one glider ... I have my doubts

Great day finished with a cold beer in the hangar before heading to town for pizza.

Next weekend will be even more exciting with some new events unfolding ... it's all heading in the right direction at the moment :)