Monday, July 13, 2015

project "holiday house"

Our Waikerie-Caravan-Project slowly starts taking shape after another busy weekend. The bedroom is closer to completion with the wall cladding finished, electrical wiring, painting and a brand new hand made queen size bed frame including a new mattress in place. The floor tiles are down too!

My responsibilities are all the paint jobs and electrical/lighting works. Ziggy is solely responsible for the cladding and the rest is being done by both of us together. There is still a lot of work in the second half of the caravan called living and kitchen area but we'll take it slow from now on. The main goal was to have a comfortable and clean place to sleep and I think we've already achieved that.

It's been rainy here for the last days, so no flying. Good news is though that days are becoming longer again which means we're heading in the right direction - summer :)