Monday, March 19, 2012

Mt Arapiles and Natimuk lake

There are quite a few very nice places around Horsham. One of them is a very well known among climbers Mount Arapiles. A mountain in the middle of a totally flat land. Unfortunately the Wimmera Base Hospital in Horsham knows the climbers as well. Yesterday was a perfect day for a Sunday walk and Ziggy came up with the idea of going there.

We drove up the mountain and walked to the summit vista point. The views all around are very nice but in fact nothing you wouldn't have seen from a glider. Glider pilots are hard to impress with views - we are really spoiled.

We also drove down to the foothills to watch people camping and climbing. It is very impressive and scary at the same time to see them climb all these steep walls all the way to the top.

one of the easier walls

a lady half way up

Ziggy said he can do better than this without any preparation or equipment. In the end he's the man of many talents:

very impressive

The only difference was ... the rock he was climbing:


Luckily no one got hurt as a result of his stunts and we could move ahead and have a look at Natimuk lake. Australia is a truly beautiful country with things to see and do on every corner.

very brave people up there

lake Natimuk