Thursday, February 16, 2012

UFO over Horsham and aliens in Dimboola

There is nothing better than sitting for my powered Commercial Licence conversion exams watching a big guy sitting in holding drawing loops in the sky:

I can imagine how happy the two guys in the front are about this.

At the same time Ziggy had an unusual patient in his practice:

"I'm checking in doc!"

I'm not quite sure if this is happening for real or is it just my mind playing tricks on me caused by flying detox ...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

after the comps

The airfield was very quiet and kind of deserted on Sunday. Some very tired faces (from previous night activities) were still around but departed as soon as they were capable of operating an automobile with 9 meters trailer on the back.
Keith Willis is a "type collector" who has never flown SZD-55 before. He stayed in Horsham till Sunday just for this one flight.

Keith landing

looks like he enjoyed it

Mike also didn't have enough after the comp and flew our club's Pegase. I changed the end of the rope and gave them both a tow. It's sad that everyone is gone now but we had a great two weeks of flying and I'm sure people will come back next year.

Zig & Keith

March is coming soon and we'll be flying to Tocumwal to get me some double seater coaching with Ingo Renner. I can't wait to be told what I can do better to constantly fly faster.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Horsham Week Competition Day 8

It was a very nice last day of this years Horsham Week Competition. Collin was concerned about the wind forecast which as it turned out was very pessimistic and eventually winds never got nearly as strong as predicted. We flew a nice task and everyone seemed to enjoy this last day. The conditions were far from straight forward though.

bottle of wine, three 4 GB USB sticks and a "speech" for winning the previous day

Jantars fly everywhere

serious competition pilots on the grid

The first leg was pretty straight forward and I maxed the circle out under a nice cloud street stopping only for the very best thermals. Second one was not too bad either and I had no problem crossing the Little Desert. I had the "IZI" Janus company till then and it was all working nicely.

smile! (by Mike Sudholz)

putting SPOT on

professional enough?

My difficulties started on the third leg which was straight across the wind. Clouds started looking undefined, bases were at different altitudes, there was lift in the blue and some horrible sink. Not predictable at all. Following the lift patterns became impossible and the complicated search for lift under and next to clouds started. It was totally different with every single cloud that I approached.

ok, get me up there

Mike posing for the press

Arnold in the Peg

Because it was all very unpredictable and I was getting low by the time I was able to find the next thermal I decided to turn back home not reaching the planned turn point in the last area. I basically just touched the circle and headed back knowing that I will arrive some 3 minutes ahead of time. I had some company on the way and it was much easier to fly the lift with a strong headwind.

by Steve Schneider


It was a nice run back home and I landed on 17 where Ziggy was already waiting for me.

"there's gotta be lift around here ... somewhere"

big derigging

I finished the competition on the 4th position. It looks like it's my favorite one :-) I was hoping for the 3rd but didn't know the Australian lay day rules. Tim decided not to fly the last day. I didn't know though that he will be scored for the day and will get the average of the points he was getting during the whole comp. One more thing I learned about flying comps in Australia.

Here are the last day's results:

and the total competition results:

Like every other competition Horsham Week ended with a big dinner at the airfield.

our club bar

Bernie presenting the back of "nosi nosi dusi dusi" T-shirt

Tracey and Ziggy performing late night talks